Monday, November 21, 2011

A Tale Of Two Fishies

On my previous visit to Palm Cove in  2007 I'd visited Nu Nu, widely regarded as the best restaurant in Palm Cove, on Jason's recommendation. I'd not been disappointed, and in fact liked it so much that I went back there again during my 4-day stay.  I hoped it was still serving up the same high quality 4 years later...

We started with an octopus salad and a butter poached reef bug, both of which were fantastic. "Yup, still on form", I thought to myself. For main Nicola had the reef fish of the day, whilst I went for the baby barramundi. This was cooked with turmeric sauce, mussels and a mint salad, the whole creation stacked up like so:

Once again, beautifully presented and absolutely delicious.

We were tempted by the puddings, but as the gold-leaf-coated chocolate bomb of yesteryear no longer features on the menu, we declined, as we were pretty well stuffed by that point. Nu Nu's reputation is intact - still the best restaurant in Palm Cove, and one of the best in Australia.

The following night, we went to Beach Almond - an altogether different experience, this bills itself as a modern Asian establishment. Nicola went for the set menu - Thai green curry - whereas I went for the fish of the day...hey, guess what? Baby barramundi again! This time done with a Vietnamese ginger sauce, and served with rice. The fish was well-cooked, but didn't really need the extra portion of rice pushed on us by the waitress. This was an altogether different kettle of fish to the previous night.

Well, what do you expect, with one being a top-class restaurant and the other being more of a beach hut? I mean, the one in the top-class restaurant probably cost twice that of the one in the beach hut, no?

No. It was $6 more.

Nu Nu 1, Beach Almond 0. 

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