Sunday, December 2, 2018

Puss In Boots

 Christmas is coming…and with it, pantomime season. Normally we shake our heads at the dearth of “proper” plays to see at Circa during the silly season, but this year we decided to embrace our inner villains and go and see the panto. “Oh, no you didn’t!” “Oh, yes we did!”

This year’s offering is Puss In Boots, adapted for a Wellington audience. It starred a number of Circa regulars, including Gavin Rutherford in the role of Mrs Miller, the traditional cross-dressing leading lady. There was the traditional “behind you!” and “Oh, no you didn’t!”, a number of song and dance routines to well-known tunes, and jokes tailored to Kiwi audiences: the Marquis of Makara, a dish of cat-a-tui, dumpster diving in Kelburn.  It was all jolly good fun, and everyone ended up living happily ever after.

As it is ostensibly a kids’ show, it started early at 6:30, so we decided to have dinner afterwards. We went to old favourite Zibibbo, for main courses and pudding. Delicious as always, and long may it remain so…wait…what’s that? Closing?!?! You can’t close!

It’s true. Zibibbo will close at the end of December, for a refit in January, followed by a new concept in February. Watch this space to find out what’s happening to one of our favourite restaurants.