Sunday, September 18, 2011

Miramar Heights

Saturday was a lovely day, and as they say, you can’t beat Wellington on a good day. We did our chores in the morning (returning costumes from the night before, shopping etc.) then after lunch we drove around the peninsula, stopping at Scorching Bay for a coffee at Scorchorama. There were some folk out on the beach, and even braving the water (with their feet only, it has to be said).

Nicola claims that this is all her own work:

I’m a bit dubious myself.

On the way back home, we took a left turn up a road that we’d passed many a time before, but never driven up. This took us up to the top of Miramar Heights, where there are views all around the peninsula, and also some extremely nice houses! There’s also a prison, which seems to be wasted on the prisoners (unless this is a new “cruel and unusual” punishment, by making the surrounding area so nice).

I tried to repeat my success with the picture that we have in the living room, but the atmospheric conditions weren’t quite up to it:

Medieval Merriment

We were invited to Jim’s 50th birthday party, held at the Wellington Irish society just off Cambridge Terrace.  Jim is a keen collector of all things medieval, so the party was themed and fancy dress required. We set off to the Costume Cave on Thursday evening before dancing to select our costumes, and with the assistance of the helpful staff, soon came away with a good selection including accessories:

After work on Friday, we headed straight home to change, then got in a cab back into town. Unfortunately we’d both forgotten to go to the cash machine before going out, so we had to ask the driver to take us into Courtenay Place to get some money out, and then walk from there to the venue, attracting some comments along the way – although most of the denizens of Courtenay Place seemed to take it in their stride, and assumed that we were just a sharp-dressed couple!

We arrived to find the entertainment had already started. The Wellington Medieval Guild had been invited to provide jugglers, musicians, singers and dancers, and they proceeded to juggle, make music, sing and dance. After dinner various friends and family members made some speeches, then the dancers attempted to instruct us in the art of medieval dancing. We just about got the hang of it.

Medieval lady with mobile phone

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Beg Your Pardon

Gosh, how long since I last blogged! What can I say? we've been boring homebodies for the last couple of weeks.

Last weekend we headed out to the garden centre in Miramar to begin our first foray into the world of gardening – we bought a planter and some herbs. Hopefully these will survive on the mixture of wind, rain and jet fuel fumes available on our balcony! I look forward to them providing sufficient foliage to provide us with good cooking. I’ve only planted what I hope are the hardier types of herbs – I don’t think basil or coriander will survive the outdoor conditions, unfortunately. I’m considering the option of a miniature greenhouse, though…maybe grow some salad fruits as well.

Next week, exciting news about some sporting competition that's going on around here or may have heard about it on the wireless?