Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Boy With Tape On His Face

The New Zealand Comedy Festival is well under way. We went to see First Laughs a couple of weekends ago, where various comedians do a 6 minute stint each to preview their new shows.

Last night we went down to The Opera House to see The BoyWith Tape On His Face. We started off by going to Logan Brown, one of Wellington’s top restaurants, to have their pre-theatre bistro menu – we had smoked salmon (herself) and tomato soup (me) , then we both had venison osso bucco; and then citrus pannacotta and  chocolate brownie. We then walked down to the Opera House, in time for the show.

How to describe TBWTOHF? Obviously, I can’t repeat any of his jokes here, as he didn’t tell any. In case it’s not obvious, he does the entire show with tape covering his mouth, so it’s all done with gestures, rolling of the eyes, and mime. It’s also very much an audience participatory show, and he’s constantly going down into the audience to get volunteers to help him.

Here’s him doing Endless Love

It was all good clean fun, and ended with a number of red balloons. If you get the chance to see him, go do so, you won’t be disappointed.