Monday, October 14, 2013

White-faced Heron

We had to be out of the house while the estate agent showed some potential tenants around on Sunday. The weather has been quite changeable this spring, but on Sunday it turned out nice again, so we went for a walk along the Eastern walkway, where we’d previously spotted (and been stalked by) a kingfisher. This time, we saw some hardy types braving the beach, and indeed the sea, at Breaker Bay. We also saw a white-faced heron – a small heron that is found widely throughout New Zealand and Australasia. I stalked it as it stalked a lizard – sadly my lizard shots didn’t focus properly so I didn’t manage to capture that behaviour in full.

We walked down to the beach and through the archway in Breaker Bay, then headed into Seatoun to find that all the caf├ęs were closed. So we drove up to Scorching Bay and sat in the Scorch-o-rama for a while, having afternoon tea and doing the crossword.