Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Koala Sprint

On Sunday we drove out to Lone Pine, which, despite sounding like a retirement home, is Australia’s oldest and largest koala sanctuary. We saw many koalas,

Give me your hand, Mr. Frodo!

…and listened to a talk about Eric the python…

…before entering the kangaroo enclosure, where you could get up close and personal with emus and kangaroos.

There were also aviaries containing various aves, and some aves that were just there hopping around, wondering why they didn’t get a cage and fed as well. The same could be said of the lizards, some of whom were in cages, including the lacy monitor, Australia’s largest lizard, which grows up to 2m in length; and some rather brave (or foolhardy) ones that had infiltrated the crocodile enclosure.

We also attended a rather good talk and demonstration on birds of prey, which included a kestrel, barn and barking owls, a very impressive sea eagle, and a wedge-tailed eagle.

After spending some time in the reptile house and seeing a sleeping wombat and a distinctly un-satanic Tasmanian devil, we’d seen pretty well all they had to offer, so we went to lunch at the cafĂ© at the summit of Mount Coot-Tha. This is what pases for a mountain in Queensland but at a mere 287m above sea level barely qualifies as a hill, really. Nevertheless it has good views of Brisbane from the top.

We drove the long way back down the mountain in order to take in the views on the way, then returned home for an evening’s lollygagging.


  1. Great Aussie bloggage, Mr Rooery.
    Love all de aminals.
    Looks like a mighty fine time being had by you and Nic. Here, it's kinda grey but not too cold. Sunshine is promised. Woo.
    I've tweeted your blog, so you may get another visitor or two - who knows.
    Young Mikey Mike got in touch with me - has he said hello to you yet ?

    James had a good b/day yesterday and scored a Space Hopper (Ma & Pa), a telescope, a gun thing and lots of books. The boy is now a whopping 7. His party will be on Fri and features a Reptile Man. It's a joint party (no no) with 2 other lads from his class so the mummy chores are shared. Phew. I'm on sausage & fish finger in a bun duty. It will be like an episode of Master Chef.

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Oz.

    Love, H x

  2. mmmm - sausages and fish fingers in buns, nomnom.

  3. Here I am, describing for you the wonders of the universe, and all you're interested in is sausages and fish fingers? Sacha, I am disappoint. ;-)