Friday, August 24, 2012


On Thursday I went to Boulcott Street Bistro with a colleague, where we had heard tell of a burger that might fit the bill for my search for that perfect 10 burger. It is called The T Rex burger, and this is (presumably) because it is the king of the burgers (not a Burger King, which is something completely different).

And this was, truly, a magnificent beast. To start with, it was served not on a common-or-garden plate, as lesser establishments are wont to do, but on a brontosaurus rib. OK, it’s probably a cow scapula, but you take the point. The burger is held in place with another piece of bone, and the smoky tomato relish, in which to dip your chips, is served on a vertebra.

The burger itself is made from chuck steak, and is garnished with marinated barbecued beef rib meat, as well as a beetroot relish and celery horseradish salad. Washed down with a glass of Wairarapa pinot noir, the whole thing was a meaty, full-on burger experience in a  fine dining eatery.

Yes, I gave it 10 points.


  1. Gnarrggghhh! Grrraaaaggghhh! Man like man food! Houff houfff houfff!

  2. Wow, I've just read your Burger Odyssey. It is a revelation. I am enlightened. However, I am not a burger-eater, so shall just have to experience vicariously. I fear it's all a little rich for my girly tastes.
    I used to be on a Perfect Caesar Salad & Glass of Sauv. Blanc odyssey, but soon tired of it. Or rather, I moved to the provinces where such a search would be futile.
    Ey up.
    Watch those arteries! (I know, I know, the red wine undoes ALL the damage . . . )
    H x

  3. Update: The T Rex Burger was the overall winner of the Burger Wellington competition. Seems I was not alone in my opinion!