Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Bake-Off

August 26th is Daffodil Day in New Zealand – the main fundraising day for the New Zealand Cancer Society. My employer is a major supporter of this event, and runs fundraising competitions and activities throughout August.

This year, our department decided to have a bake-off – a cake-baking competition. 10 people entered, and presented their cakes/baked entries on Monday morning, which were then sold to the rest of the Risk team, and indeed anyone who passed by, at $2 a slice.

One of our number has a daughter who bakes cakes for a hobby, and has a lot of cake and icing equipment which he was able to utilise. It’s not all that surprising that he took the top prize (for appearance – we hadn’t cut into the cakes before the judging):

I baked one of my signature cakes – orange almond cake:

The remaining competitors put forth cakes of varying degrees of skill, but all of them tasted good, so I’m told. 

We raised over $350 with the event, so a good effort all round. Next week we have another event – a quiz night, Battle Of The Daffodils.

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