Friday, August 21, 2015

Sea Burger

Another Friday, another team lunch. Today, we went to Trade Kitchen after a democratic election using the single transferable vote system. Their offering is a surf-and-turf burger called the Sea Burger. Trade Kitchen have usually been pretty high up the scale on my previous Burger Wellington visits, so I expected good things from it.

The burger is described on the Wellington On A Plate site  like this:

House-ground chuck and Vic Smith brisket patty with Wellington Trawling Co. seafood prawn salad and crayfish mayonnaise in a brioche bun.

Once again, the Garage Project beer match was Red Zeppelin (or “Red Zepplin” as they put it on the menu).

It looked like this:

OK, I have one immediate quibble with this burger: just look at that lettuce. Straight away, you know this is not going to be an elegant dining experience. I tried to tuck it in as best I could, but it wasn’t really co-operating. The burger did squash down and was pick-up-able; the bun did survive, but the salad ingredients caused structural weaknesses towards the end, and the whole thing just slid apart in my hands. Not what you want.

On the plus side, there were two sweet and juicy prawns on top of the patty. There was also a reputedly crayfish mayo, but any seafood flavour it may have had was lost in the whole. It was served with a generous portion of fairly mediocre chips. The beer match didn’t really do much to enhance the burger – I think a zingier beer such as White Mischief might have been better suited to the seafood element.

Get me, starting to sound like a proper critic now! Anyway, the whole thing, whilst not bad, wasn’t outstanding, and I’m scoring this a 7.

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