Monday, August 24, 2015

Moroccan Lamb

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men,  gang aft agley. We laid such a plan on Saturday: to go to lunch at the Kelburn Village pub, there to sample their Moroccan Lamb burger as part of the Burger Wellington competition, before continuing our journey to Zealandia. We made this plan as the sun was shining and it looked like being a lovely day.

Given my previous experiences at Ti Kouka and the like, I thought it prudent to phone up and book a table. When we arrived at one o’clock, one other table was occupied. Better safe than sorry! We duly ordered our Moroccan lamb burgers, which were described like this on Wellington On A Plate:

 Moroccan spiced lamb, Zany Zeus feta and masala lassi in a Brezelmania bun.

The Garage Project beer match was once again Red Zeppelin.

It looks like this:

This was a good burger, cooked medium rare, and with a hint of spice both in the burger and on the chips, which were dusted with paprika. The masala lassi was a yoghurt dressing which made the burger a bit wet, but the bun held its own until the end. Overall, a pretty good burger. I scored it 8.

We had noticed whilst eating that the sun had gone in. When we stepped outside it was decidedly chilly, so we abandoned our Zealandian ambitions and went home instead. 

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