Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mount Difficulty

In the morning we drove down to Clyde and Alexandra. Clyde is where the river is dammed to make lake Dunstan, by which Cromwell sits (having been mostly relocated out of the way of the lake).

At Alexandra, we walked along the shore of the river Clutha, New Zealand's second-longest river. On the way back, we stopped at the Cromwell lookout, which (unsurprisingly) looks out over Cromwell and lake Dunstan.

How's the serenity?
We then carried on to Mt Difficulty to taste some wines, and also have lunch, which we'd booked some time ago.

We arrived on a lovely sunny day. Mt Difficulty is in the Bannockburn wine-growing area of the Central Otago region, and is one of the better-established vineyards in the area. Well known for its "Roaring Meg" label, I tried all styles of wines before settling down with the pinot noirs, which are the speciality of the region. We lunched off a cold platter of mixed cheeses, meats and pickled vegetables, washed down with more of their wine, all very civilised and leisurely.

In the evening we chilled out under an almost-full moon.

Life is hard.


  1. Poor you, I sympathise with your hard life. :P

  2. Merry New Year! What a wonderful Christmas you guys have had. Great bloggage, as usual.
    Love the steamboat. It all looks spectacular.

    All is well here in Blighty. Kidlets have enjoyed Christmas. We've mostly been on a StarWarsathon as Santa brought James Eps IV, V & VI (old skool). It makes more sense to me to start from here.

    The folks had a good time in Paris. Expect you'll hear all about it.

    New kitchen is a joy and Xmas lunch a success. Whoop.

    Hope you have much relaxation before you resume work on 7th.

    Skype soon!

    H & the gang x