Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Carols

Nicola has been working hard over the last couple of months whipping her Christmas Choir into shape. The choir consists of volunteers from the Treasury and other government departments, and she has put together a medley of songs, ancient and modern, for them to perform.

I went along this lunchtime with my camera, and captured some of their performance on video. The sound quality isn't brilliant, and you can hear the occasional noise from the sliding doors (as well as see passers-by go and get their lunch at the Wishbone next door!), but generally you can see and hear what's going on. Enjoy!

Deck The Halls

Joy To The World

Solemn Medley


  1. It's here!

  2. Festive felicitations! Bravo Nicola. That was a delight. And the sound quality is pretty good on this side of the world - well done that cameraman/sound recordist.

    Still there despite the Mayans? Maybe it will happen later. Anyway, to be on the safe side, eat all the good stuff in your fridge. 21/12/2012


    H X