Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Flying Bambi

Another sunny day in Wellington, and today I managed to make it to The Hangar. I’d set out early, as experience has shown that many venues, especially those that don’t take bookings, fill up early at lunchtime. Also, I’m out again tonight for a degustation menu, so an early lunch is clearly indicated.

The Hangar is the home of Flight Coffee, a Wellington brand that’s been around since ages ago (OK, 2009). Again, it’s a place I’ve not been to before, as it’s up the end of Willis Street that I rarely get to. But it’s less than 10 minutes on foot, so no problem.

Their burger offering is the Flying Bambi. Iit’s a venison burger, naturally, described like this on the WOAP website: Flight coffee-infused venison patty with wild mushrooms, pumpkin relish and Kāpiti Aorangi brie in a Clareville Bakery honey wheat bun. It looks like this:

You’ll note no mention of any fries, and I’m OK with this. The Garage Project beer match is Trois Fleurs which is not my favourite of the brews available this year, but I’ll drink it. What can we note about this burger? Firstly, the patty: it’s pretty substantial, almost spherical. This made it a bit tricky to eat, and also left me with the inevitable real-estate problem. Whether it was coffee-infused I couldn’t tell.  The pumpkin relish was tasty, but the cheese was almost unnoticeable. The bun maintained integrity to the end, but I inevitably left some of it as I’d run out of meat. Perhaps flattening the burger a little more would have led to a more satisfying burger experience.

Not a bad burger. I scored it a 7.

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