Thursday, April 4, 2013

Orakei Korako

On Saturday we set out to the north of the lake to visit the geothermal centre of Orakei Korako. The park is reached by a ferry across the Waikato river, after which we were left to walk around the park, with the strict proviso that we stick to the paths, and assume all water that you see is going to be hot; so don’t go sticking your foot in it to see how hot, because it’ll cook your foot.

The park contains a number of geysers with variable periodicity – they don’t go off like clockwork. One of them was bubbling around a bit whilst we were there but there were no spectacular eruptions.

The mud pools were not spectacular as after several weeks of drought, the mud has all but dried up, and what was left could be heard gurgling at the bottom of a pit, but out of sight. We’ll just have to go back when there’s been a bit more rain to top the pools up.

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