Friday, June 10, 2011

Sign On The Dotted Line

Last weekend we went out househunting again, and found what we thought would be a nice place to live out in Miramar, near the airport. We went to the “open house” on Saturday, and liked it so much that, although we had 3 more houses to see that day, our heart wasn’t really in it. We went through the motions and saw another house that was very good, but much more expensive and without a garage. (This is important for keeping the pride and joy under cover – I’ve seen the effects of exposure on New Zealand cars, and it ain’t pretty. Something to do with the thinner ozone layer here in the Southern hemisphere, I think.)

We returned on Sunday (they were having open house on both days of the weekend) , and spoke to the agent, and submitted application forms. Then we went home, and held our breath…

On Tuesday, I noticed that the ad on Trademe had been removed. Concerned, I called the agent, who told me that the owner had always intended to remove the ad after the weekend, and that we were definitely in the running to get the house. Later that afternoon, he called to confirm that we were indeed the preferred prospective tenants for the owner, and invited us to sign a contract on Friday.

We both took the afternoon off work, and drove out to Miramar to meet the agent and owner at the house, and sign the contract. We still have a bit of time left on the lease to run here on The Terrace, so we arranged a mutually beneficial moving date of Saturday, 9th July. This gives us some time to transition between properties rather than trying to arrange everything for one day, as we will have to arrange delivery of white goods and furniture before we move in properly – it’s being let unfurnished, so we’re going to have to supply everything except the range, oven and dishwasher, which are all built in.

This weekend we’ll be going out shopping for furniture and white goods…I think we’re going to make some salesmen very happy, but I aim to drive a hard bargain – after all, if we’re going to be buying three large electrical items in one store, and buying several items of furniture as well, we’re going to be bargain-hunting as much as possible.

We’re aiming to make this much more of a “home” than we have at The Terrace, which has always felt temporary to us – particularly with the cheap rented furniture and being somewhat small. With this house, we’re thinking of staying for a couple of years – until we’re in a position to buy in Wellington. So we’ll be able to get furniture and fittings to make it much more our own place, and also be in a better position to entertain our growing social circle. This also means that any of you, dear readers, who are considering visiting the coolest little capital in the world – we’ll have plenty of space to accommodate you! So please, form an orderly queue, and get booking those airline tickets! ;-)

The Trademe ad has been taken down, but you can still see details of the property here where it's being offered for sale rather than rent. I don't know how long those details will stay up, so click now to avoid disappointment.

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  1. Aaahhh ... love how you say "our heart" as if we only have one between us ...