Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Grim Up North

Tomorrow we’re heading off to our holiday destination of Paihia, in the Bay of Islands. We’ll be up there for a week, doing holiday stuff, driving around the area, and generally enjoying ourselves.

I’ll be taking the laptop and webcam, so please feel free to Skype us whilst we’re there! I’ll report on grimness, or lack thereof.

Looking at the weather forecast (and how reliable are those?) it looks like the current rainy/cloudy weather that has bedevilled these isles for the past week will finally lift, to give us some nice, warm, sunny weather…so it’s time for the slip-slop-slap again. 

Sadly we're going to miss the fifth home game of the Wellington Firebirds in the HRV Cup. Since we last went to see them, they've lost one, won one, and had one match abandoned; which has picked them up to 3rd in the table, with 3 games still to play, so they could still make it to the final. 

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  1. Rory,

    WW3 has at last finished this end. Since last talking, it was Ma & I's turn to organise Posh Nosh which we did at The Court Yard in Deal. Always difficult to keep within members' budget yet produce an event to everbody's taste. Seems it went well thankfully, we were able to please the usual unimpressables.

    Then into end oy report to the Blythe Sappers at the Rag. Took Geoff Illsley (Rupert) as a guest
    as he was very keen to listen to the speaker, one Robert Rogerswho is Clerk Assistant and Director General Chamber and Committe Services of the House of Commons. Some title and Job Specification. Very interesting to listen to with lots of inside info to the workings of the House. Busy is not the word for it all.

    Then down came the snow has you have probably read about or seen on tv. We have had two periods of it though Scotland and NE has suffered continuouly. LHR and Gatwick have been shut for nearly a week. Worst chaos for 50 years, but to be honest as we do not have to go out it has been of minor inconvenience. I could still walk into Sandwich. Heide has been marooned up her hill but the 4x4 managed it so we have been to Deal today and yesterday with J & O to finish shopping. NY Day bloody marys is planned but will wait and see if it happens.

    Have a great holiday Oop North and enjoy Christmas spirit. We wll all drink to you both at Lunch on 25th. Speak to you soon.

    Take care, Ma and Pa xx