Friday, August 14, 2015

WOAP Begins

And they’re off! Yes, I’m starting my annual burger odyssey with exactly the same phrase as last year. After all, a tradition is a tradition. It’s Wellington On A Plate time, and with it, the Burger Wellington competition.

As is also traditional (i.e. I did it last year), the first burger on the list was from The General Practitioner, on a Friday lunchtime with work team-mates. Last year, you’ll remember, they served up a meat sandwich instead of a burger, but this year they’ve rectified matters with their Rare Bit  Burger, described on the website thus:

Handmade beef patty with Kingsmeade Wairarapa Jack rarebit sauce, beetroot relish in a Pandoro bun, with twice-cooked handcut chips. It's served with Garage Project's Red Zeppelin.

And a picture tells a thousand words:

Obviously, the first thing you'll notice is that that's not a can of Garage Project beer, it's a bottle of Tuatara APA. Apparently, Garage Project have failed to deliver their Red Zeppelin in time for the launch of WOAP. Naughty Garage Project! Our waitress offered the Tuatara product as an alternative, and even offered it at the same price, which was a bonus.

So, to the burger: the promised rarebit topping was there, although the only real flavour I could discern from it was cheese (I'd expected maybe a bit of mustard, or some pickles mixed in). It would have been nice if there'd been a little more of it, too. The beetroot relish was rather wet and dripped out of the burger, which meant you had to be careful it didn't drip all over your nice clean white shirt. There was rather too much lettuce, and a few leaves had already made a break for the border by the time it reached the table. I thinned down the remainder, and was then able to pick the burger up and eat it with my hands. The patty itself was cooked well done, but was tasty. Bun integrity was good, with a toasting on the inside, and holding together until the end. Finally, the double-cooked chips were up to scratch, served with a generous dollop of aioli.

All in all a good, solid calibrating burger for the start of this year's burger adventure. I scored it a 7.

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