Monday, August 24, 2015

Chuck The Conquistador

After yesterday’s failed attempt, we got out early-ish to Zealandia for a walk in the winter sunshine.  We had a beverage in Rata cafĂ©, but I don’t rate their burger-making skills after last year’s effort, so we pulled out the burg-a-matic to find somewhere for lunch.  “How about Basque?” I asked, and we were in agreement.

The Basque Burger Wellington offering is Chuck The Conquistador, and this is its description:

Preston's beef with housemade white wine cheese, burnt onion sour cream and semi-dried tomatoes in a Clareville Bakery bun, with baked potato and remoulade.

And, for a nice change, the Garage Project beer match is Hapi Daze:

Now, we’d seen a couple of these burgers being delivered to the table next to us, and Nicola in particular was taken with the baked potato accompaniment instead of chips. When it arrived, however, they brought us chips. No explanation, no apology.

So it looked like this:

There’d clearly been some additional cooking of the bun going on, and the top was sticky. Also, the insides were quite slippery – this was going to be a cutlery burger, not a pick up one. Inside, the meat was cooked medium rare, which was good. The cheese was very strongly flavoured, and rather overpowered the rest of the burger. The chips were good and crispy, but, no, there was no remoulade or parmesan topping.

I was a bit disappointed with this burger and scored it a 6. Back to work tomorrow, and burgers at lunchtime. Hopefully I’ll find that perfect 10!

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