Monday, August 17, 2015

Supercharger Burger

Wellington On A Plate is well under way now, and for lunchtime I took a trip to Bin 44 to try their Supercharger burger. This is a basic beef burger with added bacon, and is described on the Burger Wellington website like this:

Beef Patty with Panhead Supercharger aromatic hopped relish, Kāpiti cheddar cheese and Waikanae Butchery streaky bacon in a brioche bun, with roasted garlic and herb fries.

And it’s served with Garage Project beer match of Red Zeppelin, which was available today.

How does it look? Like this:

It’s untidy round the edges, and I pulled out some lettuce leaves that were threatening to make the eating experience somewhat messy. The patty was well done (seems to be a thing in Wellington – doesn’t anyone know how to cook a medium rare burger? We’ll find out as the fortnight progresses). The contents were a bit drippy, and it appeared that the Panhead relish had been replaced by some sort of mayonnaise. There wasn’t much cheesiness on offer either. The bun held up well, but the fries were oversalted. Not bad, but not great. Red Zeppelin, whilst not a bad drop, doesn’t have the zing and flavour punch of some of Garage Project’s other brews, so I think I might pay more attention to the accompanying beer for my future selections. I’m scoring this a 7 – a good burger, but not exactly living up to its description.

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