Friday, August 28, 2015

Deer And Beer Burger

Wellington On A Plate is drawing to a close. Yesterday was our last outing as a team to sample a burger. I wanted to go to Portlander to try their The Hunter Games, but unfortunately they were fully booked. As an alternative, we decided to go to The BrĂ¼haus for a taste of their Deer And Beer Burger – also a venison burger.

It’s described on the Burger Wellington site like this:

Venison patty with three cheese melt, Imperial Porter onion jam on an Arty Craft porcini bun, with fries and oak-aged Imperial Stout vinegar.

The Garage Project beer match is Nerissimo.

Here it is:

Ok, what do we see here? First of all, that errant lettuce leaf poking out everywhere. I’m not sure who decided that this is a good look for a burger, but I disagree with them. Inside, the burger patty was cooked well done, and was quite dense. The bun was fairly bland, as were the chips – nothing other than catering-pack variety. The chips were served with a home-made vinegar, as above – but if you’re going to go to this much trouble, shouldn’t you serve some decent chips as well? Inside the bun there was no toasting, and a miserly portion of the three-cheese melt – barely enough to taste. This was, I felt, another missed opportunity burger – good ingredients, but let down by not being well prepared or combined. I scored it a dismal 6.

I’m losing hope of finding a perfect 10 this year. Save us, The Larder, you’re our only hope!

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