Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Marriage Of Figaro

Classic Mozart opera The Marriage Of Figaro (performed in English) is on at the Hannah Playhouse. On a chilly Saturday night, we set out to watch it.

We stopped first at a new-ish place that we’ve (I’ve) been meaning to try for a while…we’ve been going to much the same-old same-old for a while now, so we’re looking to break out into new venues. This has included recent jaunts to Apache and Bambuchi. Tonight’s venue, Slim Davey’s Friendly Neighbourhood Saloon, is based around an American 50’s style diner, with faux-wood plastic tables, the classic stainless steel-framed chairs, and a décor to match. The food is authentically American, but fortunately the drinks are not. We hit the cocktail menu and ordered a couple of cheeseburgers. I found the cheeseburger too wet and bun integrity failed even with the help of a cardboard widget, which was disappointing. The drinks were good though. I think this is more of a bar that does some food, than a restaurant.

We crossed the road to Hannah Playhouse in what we thought was plenty of time, only to find a queue from the box office to the door with one harassed-looking ticket clerk. Apparently a lot of people were collecting tickets on arrival, and I think her ticket machine had just run out of blank tickets. Anyway, there was a bit of delay, and it took us a while to get in and seated. We weren’t the last though, and they started the show once everyone was in, about 10 minutes late.

This was the first night, so the performance wasn’t fully polished, but nevertheless it was an enjoyable rendition. As it was in English, there were no surtitles, and the libretto was well-enunciated so I could follow the plot easily. As you’ll know, the story is a bit silly, but it all works out in the end.

It ran over time somewhat, and we didn’t get away until quarter to eleven. Look at us, out late on a Saturday night!

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