Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Four Burgers In One Day

We haven’t really done much with the Dine Wellington menus this year – I’ve been eating burgers, mostly. However, on Tuesday, we thought we’d give one a try, as we usually get dinner before going dancing. Most of the Dine Wellington menus on offer do seem to be for a good evening meal, and too heavy for dancing afterwards. An exception, however, appeared to be that offered by The Library, an upstairs cocktail and music venue in Courtenay Place. I’ve been there once or twice before, but not in a long while. We chatted to the waiter and he was happy for us to break up the menu and just have the main courses, so we did that. I had the fillet steak and Nicola went for the tuna. They looked like this:

And damn tasty they were, too…however there wasn’t quite as much as much of it as we’d have liked, so we decided to go back to the menu for more. Nicola went for the coconut-coated halloumi, and I decided to throw caution to the winds and try their Burger Wellington offering, which is Sweet Slider Surprise – a trio of small, sweet burgers. There’s no actual description of what will be in them, which presumably gives them licence to change it up if they want to, or if something’s not working as expected. They looked like this:

The first was a double macaroon filled with a sugary paste. The taste sensation of this was just sugar, with no other flavours coming through….a bit of a disappointment. The second was a brioche bun containing what I thought was chocolate icecream, but turned out to be a mini choc-ice. This suffered when I bit into it, and I nearly lost all the filling. It was better than the first, though. The third was a shortbread biscuit with a chocolate fondant patty and mint-flavoured “lettuce”. Flavour-wise, this was the best combo, but the shortbread was a bit heavy going. So really, we had three near misses here, and I scored it (I was feeling generous at the time) an 8.

OK so calling this "four burgers in one day" is a bit of a cheat, as three of them were quite small. And not real burgers. Nevertheless, I'm going to contact Neil Finn  and see if he can write me a song about it.

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