Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Victory

Tuesday night is our regular quiz night, and we are at last getting some team members to come along and join us. Of course, since we’ve done so, not one round has required specialist local knowledge…c’est la vie! Now, obviously it’s the taking part that counts, but since we’ve had our new enhanced team we came 2nd two weeks ago, and 3rd last week.

This week, with 4 of us, we cracked the top spot again. OK, one of our regular rivals failed to field a team, and there were fewer teams in general than there normally are, but even so, with a good use of the joker and a picture round that was so easy that it was embarrassing for the one team that only scored 9/10, we were firmly in the lead by the time the connections round came. We decided to play it cool and not rush in with our first answer, and eventually got the connection with 4 bonus points, and finally finished well ahead of the competition! So that’s $80 in the kitty for next week’s quiz night.

We were in ecstasy over the results, although the idiosyncrasy of some of our spelling (some minuscule errors crept in) meant we dropped a few points in the spelling round. Now I’m off to write that out 100 times before dawn. And never again shall I doubt Nicola’s spelling skills! 


  1. I'm almost speechless that you got a spelling wrong, Rory. My typing fingers have frozen in shock. No, I guess you won't dare to doubt your spelling mistress again. I expect you've been punished enough, so I won't say any more.

    But hey, well done youse guys on winning and having a healthy sounding beer kitty. Mei-ow. Hic.

  2. I've been very good about it, which (hopefully) is even more cruel - for now he is in a permanent state of fear and uncertainty wondering when and how his punishment will fall. Hee, hee

  3. I wish they'd do pub quizzes here. They sound like a lot of fun. Well done on faring so well.

  4. Congratulations Rory and Nicola, on the win, keep it up. Is $80 enough for more than one quiz-night's refreshment? For some reason the famous Worth Annual Quiz nite has not happened this year. Our team, Wilshers, Illslys, 2 random guests and a artist lady with her 18yr old daughter. Daughter Lorraine who with *A level history and a deep knowledge of Pop makes us favourites for at least 2 rounds. We've won the event for the last 2 years.

    Take care, Pa

  5. We have to share the $80 with the rest of the team, so all it does is make a slight dent in the overall food/drinks bill (we have dinner there beforehand).