Monday, November 29, 2010

All Dressed Up

...and some place to go.

On Sunday, Nicola’s choir, the Wellington City Chorus, held their Christmas lunch at Osteria Del Toro, in the Cuba district. This is a Mediterranean restaurant serving Italian, Spanish and Greek food. For Sunday lunch, they do a set menu whereby you help yourself to antipasto/salad etc. first, then they bring platefuls of paella, pasta and pizza to your table, and again you help yourself and dig in. It saves all that bother with everyone ordering different things (there were over 30 people spread out on 3 tables), and makes sorting out the bill a lot easier too.

I was told that everyone would be dressing up to go to this so I duly put on a suit and tie:

When we arrived, it seemed all the ladies had made some sort of effort; but for blokes “dressing up” seemed to mean “put on long trousers” and possibly “tuck your shirt in”. As I was clearly the most overdressed male there, I quickly removed my jacket and undid my tie.

Afterwards, we came home to watch the All Blacks beat the Welsh, then headed out again in the evening to meet up with a friend who was visiting from Brisbane. We went out to Mac’s Brewbar on the waterfront. Unfortunately the sun shines on the wrong side of this building so we were unable to sit in the evening sunlight outside, and we sat indoors in the restaurant, where I enjoyed a couple of Great Whites with dinner. 


  1. We managed several nice pictures and you had to use the one where I look half-cut!

  2. Ah but Nicola, were you half cut at that point?!

  3. It's sooo nice to know that 'overdressing' happens to other people, too. :D

  4. I think you both look very nice - don't you scrub up well?!

    Talking of getting poshed up, we went to St Paul's Cathedral yesterday and took communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, as you do...

  5. Very Smart and cool suit. Yourhe weather looks much better now. We in UK, are having worst snow falls for many years. The whole country is affected, every, yes every, UK airport is closed. Climate warming has struck again.

    L. M& P x