Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dance Hall Daze

Third lesson time, and our usual instructor was not there, so his stand-in took the class. We started off with some rock’n’roll, which we’d done the week before, just to refresh our memories. Then we started on a new step, the waltz. Gah! We didn’t get enough practice before we were off into yet another new one, the cha-cha-cha. I think she tried to cram too much into a one-hour session…still, maybe some of it will sink in enough for next time. Meanwhile, the dance is only a week away.

We had planned to go and watch the rugby afterwards, but as it was still raining hard we gave that one a miss and headed home. Yup, we’re fair-weather rugby fans. As a consequence of their lack of support, the Lions lost 24-31 to Bay Of Plenty, and are now trying desperately to make the cut for the playoffs. They’ll need to win their last three games convincingly to do so…we’ll go along to their last home game, providing it’s not raining!


  1. In fairness to the Wellington Lions, they are currently missing their entire first choice back row due to the All Blacks' policy of resting players for a few weeks, and they're also missing a few second choice players as well due to a sevens tournament or something

    Everybody who cares about Rory's happiness and long term benefit should encourage him to practise his dancing steps between lessons, it's for his own good, thanks ;-)

  2. Rory ! I urge you to practice your dancing. Grab a chair, or a pillow, clear a space in the living room . . . . You know you must. Things may get grim if you don't.

    (Is that okay, Nicola ?)

    Meanwhile, I hope your leaky leak is fixed.

    We're all good here. Kids are at school (on a Saturday!) as it's their Open Day and the place needs to look 'normal' for prospective punters.
    I had a . . . . what's the pergorative ? a gossip? of mummies round for lunch yesterday . . . . a hearty Jamie O soup (leek and chickpeas - plenty of garlic and parmesan . . . try it), followed by deli meats and cheesey cheeses. Lots of wine. Gah. By school pick up time we were a bit noisy.

    Tonight I'm doing a curry for my Swedish neighbours. And I'll pick up some further correct pronunciations for Girl/Hornet's Nest. Will be bereft when I've finished with Lisbeth and M Blomkvist. But at least lots of movies, Swedish & Hollyweird version in the offing. Have only seen Swedish Girl/Tattoo so far.

    Watched Strictly last night. New series. Didn't think I'd be interested. But no ! Do you have something similar there to inspire you ?

    Love, H x

  3. Builder's been round to take a look at the leak - much sucking of teeth, intake of breath etc. We'll find out more next week. I'll give that soup a whirl, although I'm hoping that we're moving out of soup season here soon.

    We've been a bit Stieg Larsson-oriented - read all the books and seen two (Swedish) films so far. Frankly, I think the Hollywood version might pep up the Swedish ones, if they don't ruin it. We'll have to wait and see.

    No Strictly here (so far as I can see), we tend to get Australian versions of well-known reality shows (Australian X Factor, Australian Masterchef) and some NZ ones (Next Top Model). I'm curiously addicted to Masterchef, but leave the others well alone.

  4. I need to apologise for my spelling. That's pejorative. What was I thinking?
    Where did I go to school?

    Curry went well last night. We all ate too much. But I got the correct pronunciation of Mee-kah-ale Buhlom-k-vist. Quite satisfying. Try it. They don't swallow their consonants in Sweden, like what we sometimes do.

    I'm going to enjoy Downton Abbey tonight (written by Julian Fellowes, a bit Gosford Park / Upstairs Downstairs Sunday night-er). It's shot at Highclere Castle - the Totleigh Towers of Jeeves & Wooster series. Got a bit new scary telly that does more than we'll ever require of it.

    Pip pip, H x