Friday, September 17, 2010


I have a visa! Woohoo!


  1. Woohoo, y'all. I'll drink to that !

    Next up ? McJobULike ?

    Conga rats. H x

  2. does this mean you're a legal alien now?

  3. I don't drink coffee I drink tea my dear...

    Oh wait, yes I do. Yup, I can legally go out and work and stop doing all that illegal whelk-picking on the foreshore under a Chinese gang boss. See you at the checkout at Pak'nSave!

  4. Pa said,

    Many congratulations on being visa'd. I knew the gov couldn't ignore you for much longer. Now the world is your whelk. Go for it Rory, nose to the grindstone blah blah Ma and I are very pleased for you.

    We went to the Chatham Mess at Chatham for a whole day party on Saturday. !oam champers reception in the museum, then a guided tour of the workshops. Back to the Mess for lots of fizz and then the best curry lunch of my Gurkha life.
    It was a high quality affair called The Colonel' Commandants Garden Party. Lots of Generals, past and present invite 10 guest to their table. No expense spared. We met a lot of old friends, some not seen for many years, all RE of course. The afternoon concluded with Beating the Retreat by combined RE bands. A great day out.
    Next Saturday, the 25th, is the annual Gurkha Engineers reunion and Dinner, again at the mess in Chatham.
    As ener, Pa & Ma

  5. Sorry, a bit late here: Still, congratulations!!