Monday, August 13, 2018

Oriental Bayger

And they’re off! Yes, it’s once again Burger Wellington time, as part of the Wellington On A Plate food festival. Unfortunately this year I’m probably not going to manage a burger a day, as I no longer have a handy CBD location from which to venture forth at lunchtimes. Also, being recently incapacitated by shingles has curbed my enthusiasm somewhat. Still, there are burgers out there to be tasted, and we went out on Saturday to Pomelo – a venue that we’ve been meaning to visit since it opened last year, but have somehow managed to miss so far. This is due to a combination of them not normally being open on weekend lunches, and the one time we did try them of an evening, they were closed for a private function. Humph. They’re located on Oriental Parade, on the first floor where the White House used to ply their trade.

For WOAP, however, they are open for lunch, and we headed along to try their Oriental Bayger burger. It’s described like this: Slow-roasted pork belly, streaky bacon, mango and pineapple salsa and homemade relish, with handcut fries, and it looks like this:

The Garage Project beer match was Mango Milkshake Nitro IPA - a cloudy, mango-flavoured IPA which set off the mango salsa.

As you can guess, this falls into the “meat sandwich” category of burgers. The pork belly was well cooked with a good crackling, and the bacon tasty. The pineapple and mango chutney was a bit runny, and a lot of it fell out of the burger as I was eating it. Towards the end bun integrity started to fail, but it managed to stay in one piece until the end – which was just as well, as the restaurant conveniently provides chopsticks for cutlery. The fries were crispy, chunky and generous. Overall I scored this a 7. Now all we need is for Pomelo to stay open on weekend lunchtimes!

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