Wednesday, September 30, 2015

World Of WearableArt

As I was away when it was Nicola’s birthday, we have gone out for the two weekends that sandwich it instead. Last week we went to see The Gondoliers. This Sunday we went to see the World Of WearableArt show, or WOW, at the TSB Arena.

WOW is an annual competition in which designers from around the world come up with some conceptual clothing designs as “wearable art”. The costumes are often made of high-tech materials, including lighting, metals and other non-traditional materials. They’re definitely not something that you could wear to pop down to the shops in!

The competition has been held in Wellington since 2005, and culminates with a show presenting the entries and winners in a number of categories. The show itself is more of a performance art show than a traditional fashion show, with dancers, music, acrobats and special effects. After exhibiting all the costumes the winners of the various awards were announced.

Afterwards we went for a birthday dinner at Coco at The Roxy, where Nicola had the winning cocktail from this year’s inaugural Capital Cocktail competition – part of Wellington On A Plate – which we’d had last month when we went on our Miramar Foodie Trail. We had the Peninsula Platter to start with, followed by couscous-coated fish (Nicola) and wagyu rump steak (me). As usual, top-notch grub!

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